Turkey Side Village Tour

The real Anatolian lifestyle can only be found and observed in the villages as people there remain unspoiled from the masses of tourism and maintain their authentic spirit. In you are interested in experiencing this phenomenal atmosphere, Side Village Tour is what you are searching for. With this full day excursion, you will receive a truly unique opportunity to visit some villages and explore the impeccable nature that surrounds the broader area of Taurus Mountains. Culture, tradition, authenticity and serenity are among the things you should expect when joining this excursion.

Side Village Tour includes two-way transportation from and towards your hotel in order to make your experience more comfortable. During the morning, a fully air conditioned and modern car will pick you up from your hotel in Side. During this excursion, a professional tour guide will accompany you in order to provide assistance and interesting descriptions about the places of interest. The road trip towards the excursion’s first stop includes also some short photo breaks which are ideal for those who wish to admire the beauty of the countryside.

The first location that you are about to visit is the Altınbeşik Cave or Golden Cradle Cave as it is also known. This particular spot is located in a National Park ad can be easily characterized as a natural wonder. This is because the cave features the biggest underground lake in Turkey and the third biggest in Europe. The interior of the cave has also some natural bridges that create a truly spectacular backdrop. An interesting highlight is that the cave’s interior maintains a stable temperature of 16 degrees on a year-round basis. During your time there, you will enter into inflatable boats and enjoy a 30-minute ride in order to explore the lake.

According to the program of the excursion, a lunch break follows at a restaurant in the village of Ormana. The tasty and freshly made meal includes multiple options to cover every individual taste and preference. This would be the perfect moment to relax and enjoy your break. Just behind the restaurant, there is Buttoned House which forms an excellent example of traditional architecture. Their name, Buttoned Houses, is due to their architectural style. In fact, the materials used for their construction contained no cement or mortar. In that village, there are more than 300 houses of this kind.

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The excursion continues towards a village which forms the perfect example of an Anatolian traditional settlement. Once you arrive at the village, a visit at a very important mosque is scheduled. This particular mosque has 300 years of history and is considered as one of the most important ones of the area. The tour guide, as well as the locals, will explain everything you need to know about this mosque and highlight its importance throughout the years.

During your time at the village you will also have the opportunity to walk around and explore the neighbourhoods. Strolling around enables you to observe, understand and experience from first-hand the locals’ lifestyle. It will also be a great opportunity for you to receive some interesting information about their culture and the traditions that the broader area has to demonstrate. Interacting with the local people will be a great experience as you will be impressed by their hospitality.

Once the village exploration is over, the bus will continue on its way back to Side. During the afternoon you will arrive back to your hotel full of great feelings and long lasting memories from this outstanding countryside exploration. Thus, grab the chance to join Side Villa Tour as it will make you feel relaxed and offer you an alternative cultural exploration.

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