Vacation on Europe? You Got It Now

Where to go on vacation? Here are our proposals, always updated, for itineraries, trips, proposals for a weekend or for a longer period: between culture and nature, to discover the most beautiful corners of Europe.Statistically speaking, train journeys still remain the safest mode of transport, with on average only 7 passengers losing their lives a year, according to a 2013 study.

Taking all the common precautions, traveling by train in Europe is generally safe, but you need to be more vigilant at the main stations, especially at night, and pay attention to the bags, making all valuables safe. In you can have all the information regarding this tour.

If you are traveling in a night train, it might be wise to invest in a bike lock in order to tie your luggage to something solid allowing you to sleep peacefully and relaxed. Luggage theft is definitely the biggest threat you could face.

Book a room near the train station

Once you travel to Europe you might be pleasantly surprised to see how vast the range of available accommodation is, from grand hotels originally built during the railroad boom in the Victorian era, to cheap and cheerful hostels, to Airbnb style rentals or bizarre solutions like boats, former lighthouses and mills.

Many can easily be found walking not too far from the station, or you may prefer to stay a little further away from all the noise that inevitably exists when you are near such a large transport network.

To travel by train in Europe also pay attention to the language

Review your language basics with an app to learn languages, such as Duolingo , and study the public transport section in your phrase book. Even the most ephemeral familiarity with a different alphabet could be useful in many places in Eastern Europe, especially when it comes to deciphering all those important signals and departure boards at stations.

Dinner in the restaurant car: nothing more beautiful

Another small and simple pleasure of traveling by train is to enjoy a quiet meal in the special carriage. Most continental trains offer commendable lunches and dinners , some of which serve surprisingly high quality cuisine.

However, it would be good to bring a packed lunch from home, especially for very long journeys as many trains (especially in the Balkans and other parts of Eastern Europe) have no restaurant on board.

Pack some printed cards (maps and train times)

Apps and websites are useful, but for those times when you need to store your smartphone battery or simply when the wi-fi network is not available or not reliable, a paper copy of the rail network map and timetables trains will prove useful.

This is especially true if you are planning your trip on your own and you often need to take a look at how the different routes are connected to each other. And, of course, pack your favorite tour guide in your suitcase.

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