Visiting Louvre Museum, The Most Visited Art Museum in the World

Spending the holidays in France will feel complete if you visit to the Louvre Museum. It is the most famous art museum in France and one of the largest art museums in the world. The museum is located on the center of Paris, in the Right Bank of the river Seine. The museum is housed in the Louvre Palace which was originally a fortress in the 12th century and became the stage of completion as the building look today in 1870. The museum is fully capture the 100 years history of France.

The Louvre Museum has an area about 60.600 square meters. The museum has a lots of collections, there are more than 380.000 objects and 35.000 items of unique work of arts. It is very amazing museum that has collections so many like that. The Louvre Museum has also a giant gallery of masterpiece, such as painting of Monalisa and the Virgin of the Rock by Leonardo da Vinci. In addition, there are Egyptian antiques, ancient and oriental ceramics, Greek and Roman antiques, paintings, drawing, copperplate, archeological findings and many more.

To enjoy the museum, you should come early in the morning around 09.00 am because of a long queues. Visiting one of the world’s largest museum like the Louvre is being a liability for the people who loves traveling.

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