Why are more people choosing a Glamping Holiday?

Glamping North Wales has seen a surge in popularity since it has become the hip and cool new way to take holidays. Glamping, which translates to ‘glamorous camping’ is a broad term that encompasses a lot of different accommodation options; including shepherds huts, yurts or even a safari tent. It’s not necessarily about getting muddy and having to take cold showers, glamping comes with some luxuries you’ll want to take full advantage of – like hot running water!

Glamping is an excuse to stay in non-traditional holiday accommodation whilst still being close enough to enjoy the common camping pursuits like hiking nearby trails and enjoying the spectacular scenery. You’ll get a sense of freedom that you just can’t replicate with other types of holidays. North Wales Glamping Holidays are rising in popularity, with the mountains and the seaside basically on the doorstep there is a wide variety of activities to keep you busy for your stay.

What can you expect?

A glamping holiday offers you the chance to combine the best of the great outdoors, with the creature comforts of the indoors. You’ll be treated to a soft and comfortable bed instead of a lumpy, rock-strewn floor for one! There will also be cooking equipment and possibly even a log burner for those cosy nights in and with hot showers to enjoy, they are perfect as a romantic getaway.

Is glamping cheating?

Of course not. Don’t let the camping purists get you down. Wanting a few creature comforts and some luxury whilst you’re on holiday isn’t a crime. With glamping you can have as many or as little luxuries as you require. You’re in control of what your glamping trip is going to consist of, this could mean the basic luxuries like hot water and a bed; or you could go all out and have everything. 

What are the benefits?

Glamping holidays have a whole host of wonderful benefits associated with them:

  • Quality time as a couple or with the family; we all know that thanks to modern technology it can be a bit difficult to spend quality time as a couple or family. Being off-the grid glamping can help bring you closer together. 
  • Time to relax; all the set-up has been done for you! No more fighting with tent poles or arguing about who’s starting the fire. You can simply arrive at your chosen glamping location and start relaxing straight away. 
  • Switch off; make sure you turn off your work emails, phone calls and put your out of office on! You are on holiday, enjoy it. You don’t have to do anything, you don’t have to stick to a schedule – you make the rules, that could include staying in bed until the afternoon, and that’s totally up to you. 
  • The location; when you go glamping you’ll be staying in an area of natural beauty, with superb scenery. This will provide you with endless options for activities – there could be amazing walks, different restaurants or just enjoying soaking up the sun. 
  • Less hassle and stress; take the worry out of your holiday, with glamping you can avoid the hassle of having to put a tent up or down, it’s all been taken care of before you arrive. 


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