Are you planning a visit to Nepal for trekking? Awesome that sounds! You might already be wondering as to when be the ideal time to enjoy the trekking in Nepal. Quite honestly, it depends on the climate change and temperature in the mountains. And there are major other factors involved in the same. 

For an instance, do you want too much crowd while you trekking? How high are you planning to climb the mountain? How much heat or cold can you tolerate? Out of four seasons, every season has something special that Himalayas offer. So let’s see what four seasons has to offer. 


  • Spring season from March To May


At this time, the temperature is quite warm and blossomy too! You can discover mild temperatures from 800 to 2000m height, which is quite pleasant. The moderate temperature is enjoyed at 4000 m when you can enjoy sun kiss and warm trekking experience. 


  • Summer from June to August


Summer is not really recommended as the monsoon rains are quite a situation at that time. The monsoon also brings high temperatures with rain droplets which become uncomfortable ad sometimes risky for trekkers. 

So maybe it’s a NO-NO! 


  • Autumn from September to November


Autumn brings a crystal clear view after monsoon rains and high temperatures at the mountains. So this might be best time to go for trekking in the mid of September when Himalayas welcome you with the clear beauty and magnificent panoramas of the mountain ranges. 

So yes, this might be a great time to enjoy trekking in the beautify scenery mountains and valley. 

Autumn and spring offers the best time to visit Nepal to enjoy trekking in Nepal and Capture the beautiful view of the mountains and valley. So book you tickets today and get ready to enjoy the best time of your life! 



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