5 Sauces That Could Help Elevate Your Steak

Do you also cringe when you think about someone adding ketchup or steak sauce to a perfectly seared steak? Or, maybe you are among those steak enthusiasts who dip ribeye pieces in a tangy steak sauce occasionally, but you desire to expand your horizons. If that is the case, then this article will enlighten you to some amazing sauces which would help to complement beef rather than overpower it.

#1: Aioli

Aioli is a creamy, rich sauce made from oil, garlic, and eggs which are the same ingredients used in making mayonnaise, so most people often try to ignore it for beef use. But, this is one of the most important topping you should pay more attention to. Top the seared steak with a little dollop of new and fresh aioli and you will get an amazing flavor experience like you have never had before.

#2: Herb Butter

Herbs go well with steaks since they bring in some additional flavors without having to drown out that beefy flavor you would love to experience. Add some of these herbs to melted, creamy butter and hopefully, you would get yourself a tasty sauce which pairs very well with those steaks which may require few flavors boosts, such as filet mignon. You don’t believe me? Then check out restaurants like Rib’N Reef steakhouse in Montreal and you will never need a plain filet again.

#3: Salsa Verde

In case you prefer Italian traditional flavors, then you may love including some Salsa Verde to the meat. There are several ways to do it, however, a mixture of anchovies, herbs, capers, oil, and Dijon mustard are the major parts. Salsa Verde blends seamlessly with flank thinly sliced steak.

#4: Chimichurri

This is that Salsa Verde version which is a tangier a little bit and uses the South American flavors. Chimichurri is also a staple within the Argentinian kitchens and has been used for the Argentinian barbecue sauce. You do not require too much of this stuff on the steak, just a spoonful should be able to do the trick, providing your meat with a unique and tangy kick taste.

#5: Peppercorn Sauce

There is something unique about fresh peppercorns and our best beef cuts which go perfectly well together. They are two bold flavors; thus, one does not tend to overpower the other one. Rather, they work together for the purpose of creating a strong taste which makes sense.

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