5 Scrumptious Pizzas That You Must Try

Relish the mouth-watering taste of pizzas? Well, the variety is huge and there’s always something new on the plate to tantalize your taste buds. But if you haven’t tried the following 5 pizza specials by Double Pizza you’re missing out on the fine delicacies of some of the finest pizzas you shall ever come across. Enjoy reading about them as much as you will enjoy eating them!

  1. Peppy Pepperoni Pizza

You’ll crave for more with every single bite of the pepperoni pizza at Double Pizza. Bringing out the tangy taste of fresh tomatoes, pepperoni is filled with cheese and pepperoni sauce. You can also choose a range of toppings like mushrooms, meatballs, bacon, and green pepper, whatever you wish. Slightly sugared and salty, this filling pizza is quite affordable and starts from 9.74$ only.

  1. Any Garnie Pizza

Fan of fresh vegetables dipped in cheese? Then you must treat yourself with the delights of Any Garnie pizza that contains cheese, pepperoni, tomato sauce, mushrooms, and green peppers. You can create a stunning array of a farmhouse by adding more veggies according to your taste as toppings. Ordered as classic, average, and large, Any Garnie pizza starts from 10.75$ only.

  1. Halal All Garnished Pizza

Filled with pepperoni halal, the Halal All Garnished

pizza is a blend of cheese, tomato sauce, green pepper, and mushrooms. You can place a request to add or eliminate any vegetable according to your personal likes. Besides, the crust can be made soft as well as crispy, whatever you desire. It starts from 10.74 dollars.

  1. Merry Mexican Pizza

The Mexican pizza is an utter delight for meat lovers. This cheese-loaded pizza contains tomato sauce, strong peppers, onions, and beef. It’s spicy and can be further enhanced with double cheese base and bacon too. The classic version starts from 10.74$.

  1. Chicken Pizza

Chicken pizza at Double pizza is made with cheese, chicken, tomato sauce, mushrooms, and onions. More cheese can be added upon request to add more softness and taste. A delight for chicken lovers, it can be enjoyed the most with crispy chicken wings and cabbage salad as siders. The basic chicken pizza starts from 11.49$ only.

Now that you know what delights you can find in Montreal, you must also know that you can simply download the app of Double Pizza and place your orders right away.

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