A Weekend Plan To Goa On A Budget

Goa is one of the popular coastal states that are highly popular for tourism situated close to Maharashtra. It is the most favorite place for people who love to hang out and make the time to be fun with friends. Here are certain things that will make your trip at the weekend to be joyful in Goa.


As the internet started to dominate in most of the things, it is easy and possible to book the tickets for accommodation through the internet. Just look for the villas for rent in Goa for 3 days to and you can have a lot of options to choose from. It is possible to have such hotels and villas in the reduced to the high cost as possible. Based on the time and season there might be some discounts and some peak times the cost would also be high.


There are lots of transport facilities available for visiting the state from different places in India like Mumbai, Pune, and Bangalore and the cost ranges from 600 to 1500 per person. In the peak, the cost may move even more as there is sufficiency in the sets. You can also avail some air options to reach the place faster. On the other hand, the train is also the best option to travel if you need to travel in groups. The time taken in traveling through the bus and the train is more or less the same.

Food and drinks

Both food and drinks are so cheap in Goa and also less than the surplus supply. If you need to be economical it is better to have food in some Indian restaurant that costs only around INR 150 per head and you may relax in the beach shack. If you need to be a bit luxurious in foods you may look for KFC, McDonald’s, and dominoes in Goa to have some other delicious dishes that make your mouth water.

When you need to taste some drinks you may buy some booze from the shop because the rate in the shacks is almost twice the amount. The most Goa exclusive Kings Beer costs around INR 25 in the general shops and when you are buying them in shacks, it may cause up to INR 50. Goa offers a common view to see people with a pint of beer in their hands in the public streets.

The last words

If you are willing to move to the state for weekends the first things that you need to look for is the villa for rent in Goa for 3 days. Make sure you are prepared with all other things to spend in the state. If you are visiting for the weekend and have a proper itinerary you can cover more tourists places and completely enjoy the fun offered by the state. Goa welcomes tourists all round the year and people are also have to visit the state and return a bundle of experiences and memories. Plan a great trip and make the time valuable!

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