Alanya Culture Tours

When the subject is Alanya everyone in first place think about beautiful beaches of the place although Alanya has many different cultural areas as many places in Turkey. Cause of this reason, everyone who is visiting Alanya excursions for holiday and would like to discover new places, can chose tour between several option.

Alanya Demre Myra Kekova
As everybody knows, Kekova island is the only island in Turkey where there is no human being inside at all. Travelling around of this particular mysterious island gives the opportunity to see Rock Graves, Santa Claus Church, Myra Antique City, During the tour there will be long swimming and resting breaks which includes also taking a lot of pictures.

Alanya Turkish Night Tour
No matters being local or foreigner, everyone is going to learn new information about Turkish culture during their travel in Alanya. People who do not want to feel the culture on their own, have the option now, which is Alanya Turkish Culture Tour. In this tour which will happen around the area of Konaklı, people will see different side of the beauty. Also, the food which will be offered to visitors during the tour represents the real Turkish taste.

Alanya Bath Tour
Foreign tourist who are visiting the Turkey would like to know about Alanya Turkish bath culture. There are several Turkish bath options but someone who is hesitating to make the wrong chose about this, can join to the bath tour. After 15 minutes sessions, no matters someone is local or foreigner, when session is over, everyone will be released and relaxed for sure.

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