Better Options for Your Choice of Tour Operators

If you name only the word travel agency people look at you with wide eyes thinking “why does it still exist?” Today it seems that the internet has replaced the travel agent.

But is it really so?

The travel agents are less and less used yes, but only if you have to book. While when problems arise and you no longer know which way to turn to, then off to run from a travel agent. You no longer buy a trip like before, because the internet has changed the rules. And this change took place above all thanks to the low cost airlines, which allowed us to buy the ticket without intermediaries. Now that you will be able to have the best option to compare cheap tours & attraction tickets the deals will be perfect for you.

  • The tour operators had to deal with the adv. (Travel Agencies) and it took them a few years to book directly online.
  • Some to still do not allow it, but Alitalia even went as far as selling tickets at the ticket offices.

What are the differences between “doing it yourself” and booking in adv.?

  • First of all forget that it is the commission / commission that make the difference.
  • It is not certain that buying a service alone will pay less than going to the agency.
  • It is commonplace to think that if you go to the agency you pay more.
  • If you go there to buy a low-cost flight it is also legitimate: they are offering you a help for the purchase of a service that you alone would not be able to conclude (otherwise why did you go to the agency?).
  • The problem for which the agency is avoided stems from the fact that the travel agent is not considered as a “travel consultant “.
  • It is considered a person that if there is or not there is the same, so today the internet allows you to book anything anywhere with the advantage that the journey you build it the way you like.
  • What, the traveler seems not to take into consideration, is that experience makes the difference.
  • Traveling will also become simple and easier, but unforeseen events can always happen and most do not know how to deal with them.

Otherwise, one of the most commented articles on this blog would not be what to do in the event of a flight strike.

The protection of the traveler

The moment you book a trip, we are so happy that you forget about your protection and you forget to buy travel insurance or think of really unpleasant events like traveling death.

But this travel agent knows this and above all has the right skills to help you without having to invoke any saint.The travel agency is required by law to assist its client, until he returns home safely.


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