Covid Compliant Barcelona Tour Guide

The previous months had been pretty slow and Barcelona is moving forward with baby steps to resume its vigor as a tourist hotspot. The city is completely aware and is taking necessary steps like disinfectant gels, social distancing, or even the masks at the high tourist places. The authorities took control over the serenity of the situation to make it more appealing to the tourists. Here are a few changes in daily Barcelona life which might help you get a good tour in the oh-so-crowd-free city.

Situation of Health

The city is expected to witness curfews as and when they get suddenly overcrowded. The entry and exit from Catalonia are possible only with due submission of the necessary tourist documents and health check certificates. Essential shops are needlessly open round. Clubs have not yet reopened but are expected to receive a date soon. The subway has a typical time of operation and one must be well-versed with it before opting to use it. The gathering of more than 6 people at a spot is forbidden.

Airplane Protocols

The air travel mode for both locals and tourists have taken a sharp turn. Temperature check has become strictly mandatory at the baggage claim area of Barcelona airport. The flight passengers also need to fill up a health form that is normally circulated within the airplane itself. This form is at times complemented with online forms by some airlines that are particularly valid for just one trip.


The hygiene at individual levels is maintained and strictly screened by whether the tourists are putting on face masks. The public places have the mask wear mandated, deflection of which might lead to a fine of around €100. It is although allowed to take the masks off when at the restaurants, seated or eating or at the beaches, seated or bathing.


The accesses are control-sensed and are only accessible until the maximum capacity is reached.

Monument Visits

Every popular site has reduced the tourist entry by almost half a percent. Sagrada Familia is only open on weekends with a list of rules to be strictly followed. Park Güell has already reduced the entry attendance by half. La Pedrera or Casa Batllō is only open from Thursday to Sunday.

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