Discovering Sydney: Must-See Sights

A trip to Sydney is an essential part of any Australian holiday, and Sydney is often described as one of the most excellent and beautiful in the world because of its perfect balance of iconic landmarks, architecture, gardens, harbor, and splendid skyline.

A truly dynamic city that is full of a constant buzz and high degree of energy, this city will have something to attract you regardless of whether you’re a local visiting from interstate or a tourist from overseas. The city is so large and full of things to do that there are tons of must-see sights and locations, which you shouldn’t miss, if you miss them, you will be missing out on some of the great attractions that bring Sydney its own well-defined personality.

There is seemingly “must-see sight” around every corner regardless of whether you’re exploring the city center and its metropolitan areas, beaches for surfing in the northern and southern part of Sydney, well-liked civic venues, luxury hotels, scenic spots and landmarks. To help you make things easier especially on the first-time visitors to New South Wales’ capital, we compiled a list of Top “Must See” locations in Sydney for every tourist to help you ensure a great balance of all the Sydney’s best and its surrounds. But before anything else, on the day of your departure, get yourself updated with real-time information of your flight tracking status to give yourself more time to accomplish things that matter.

The Sydney Opera House – Location: Bennelong Point, Sydney NSW

Sydney Opera House is a unique feat of engineering and architectural design that add to the character of the already scenic Sydney Harbour and is the most famous man-man icon worldwide. This is a remarkable structure that is host to over 1,500 performances that draw visitors of around 1.2 million people each year.

The Opera House can be found at Bennelong Point of Sydney Harbour at the northeastern tip of the Sydney CBD and is surrounded on three sides by the harbor. This structure is often seen in photos and postcards along with the nearby Sydney Harbour Bridge, both of which provide an overview of the Sydney Harbour panorama. There are plenty of available tours which aim to bring you to all of the main highlights and features of Sydney Harbour and Opera House. Your visit to Sydney isn’t complete without seeing this famous Opera House.

Sydney Botanic Gardens – Location: Mrs. Macquaries Road, Sydney NSW

The Royal Botanic Gardens provide a natural floral beauty and near the Sydney CBD and the beautiful panorama and landmarks of Sydney Harbour. This is one of the best ways to simply enjoy nature and relax in the middle of one of the busiest cities in the world. At the Botanic Gardens, you can see this amazing view of the harbor while walking through the well-maintained greenery and experience the endless array of trees, plants and more of all which are accompanied by signs with detailed information on each species of flora on display.

Depending on the level of enthusiasm for floral, you can possibly spend anywhere from an hour to half a day at Botanic Gardens without becoming bored. You can access this gardens by train, the closest train station is Martin Place and an easy walk from Circular Quay.

Jenolan Caves – Location: 4655 Jenolan Caves Road, Jenolan NSW

Technically not located in Sydney, the Jenolan Caves network is another must-do and still one of the major destinations for those who are visiting the greater Sydney area. Jenolan Caves is composed of a great mixture of 11 stunning show caves, underground rivers, and jaw-dropping rock formations. This exceptional cave system ranks as one of the finest and most ancient in the world. You can reach these caves on a 2.5-hour drive from Sydney and are worth the trek.

The Blue Mountains – Location: 90-minute drive from Sydney CBD, NSW

Another stunning natural landscape from the greater Sydney region in New South Wales is the Blue Mountains. A trip to the Blue Mountains will give you a chance to experience a wonderful combination of stunning scenery, plants, wildlife, and the clean freshness of mountain air. It also provides a true escape from the stress of city life and the busyness of urban atmosphere. This place is the best getaway location for honeymooners as well as a cool place from the heat of summers. There are so many things to see and do in this region along with many small towns and each of which provides different attractions for everyone.

Bondi Beach – Location: Bondi, Sydney, NSW

Dubbed as one of the top beaches in Australia because of its cultural impact, Bondi Beach is without a doubt one of the most famous beaches in the entire country. Located close to the eastern suburbs of Sydney, Bondi is famous not because of its location but also of its fine sands and clear blue waters. This beach is very accessible and that’s why tons of locals and tourists go to this beach to relax or bond with the family. Bondi beach has a grassy hill lined with casual lunch options which include few high-end restaurants. However, parking is one of the biggest issues for beachgoers if they are traveling by car. Due to the crowded nature of this place, one will likely either to park somewhere ages away from the beach or have to pay hourly parking fees for the privilege of being closer to the beach itself. Bondi Beach is also famous for the awesome work of its lifeguards. This is a great destination for everyone looking for a solid beach with everything necessary for a decent day out.


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