Do You Really Need A Travel Insurance?

Before going on a trip, a lot of people ask that is it really necessary to buy a travel insurance package? In India, there are still many people who are not quite aware of the different aspects related to the travel insurance policies. In fact, the beneficial aspects of these policies are still unknown to many. By the time they realize the benefits, it’s already too late. So, if you do not want to take any risk during your trip then you must equip yourself with an effective travel insurance policy.

There are many reasons that make travel insurance policies so beneficial these days. They are much more than just medical coverage. To help you understand the importance of travel insurance policies, below we have mentioned a few situations where having this kind of policy can save you from the troubles.

  • Unexpected flight cancellation

Cases of flight cancellation are not something very rare to come across. You might have faced such a situation in your life; or at least might know someone. Flights get delayed and cancelled quite often. It could be due to bad weather, technical issues, or security reasons. Regardless of the reason behind, in most of the cases, the passengers are not provided with a full refund of the flight ticket fare. As a result, you end up facing a huge loss, particularly if the flight tickets were to some foreign destination. This is one of the main reasons why you need a travel insurance plan. Having a policy in such cases can save you from incurring huge losses. You will not have to bear the cancellation fees.  

  • Trip cancellation

People usually plan their trips at least a couple of weeks in advance. They book their flight tickets and also pay for the hotel rooms in advance. But, life is often quite unpredictable. You never know what’s going to happen in the next moment. Any kind of bad incident at the last moment can force you to cancel your trip. In such cases, having a travel insurance policy can protect you at least from the financial loss. It can cover the non-refundable travel and accommodation costs. The amount you pay in the form of a travel insurance premium is nothing in comparison to the loss you might incur. Hence, it is absolutely necessary to get your trip insured by a well-planned travel insurance policy.

  • Loss of baggage

When people travel, the items they carry with them are often quite important to them. Items like documents, cameras, laptop, etc. are valuable, and losing them during the trip can be quite frustrating. Losing even a baggage full of clothes can make things difficult for you during the trip. Spending again on your personal items (clothes, shoes, accessories, etc.) can make a dent in your pocket. But, you can protect yourself from such situations by covering your trip with a travel insurance policy. It will cover the cost if you end up losing, damaging, or missing your baggage.

  • Emergency medical insurance

Another good reason why travel insurance is necessary is that it provides coverage for emergency medical situations as well. Falling ill or meeting with an accident in a different city or country can be quite problematic for you. When your travel budget is already a tight one, spending on medical services can make your trip a challenging one. But, you can save yourself from these troubles by opting for a travel insurance policy. It will cover your medical bills and even emergency medical evacuation. All you have to do is choose the right add-ons at the time of buying the policy.

  • Losing your passport

When you are on a foreign trip, losing your passport can be no less than a nightmare. It can bring in a lot of trouble for you. Getting an Emergency Certificate issued on an urgent basis can be an expensive affair. But you do not have to worry about the expenses if your trip is covered by a travel insurance policy. If your passport is lost, stolen, or damaged during the trip, your policy will be there to help you out.

Hence, those were some of the few reasons why having a travel insurance policy is so helpful and beneficial. Trips are meant to be comfortable and enjoyable; they don’t have to be full of hassles. Be it a business trip or a leisure one, you must get it covered by a travel insurance plan which can keep you away from the worries. It will also make sure that your loved ones do not have to face any kind of issue during the trip. So, check out a few travel insurance policies; take your time to compare their details, and then choose the right one.

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