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For conventional numbered buses, you are supposed to have a preloaded card with you. It took us several trips to figure this out, as the drivers would let us ride in exchange for a little money. Corruption has good sides! The card takes several days to be issued and is therefore not suitable for tourists. Prefer the buses, or, like us, negotiate with the driver.

What to see in the vicinity of Bogota If you have some time in Bogota, you can pick an idea for an excursion from the suggestions on the My Trip to Colombia site: What to do around Bogota? The city is actually surrounded by nature. You can Rent A Car In Bogota and come up with the best deals.

Two superb museums in Bogota

If there are two museums worth visiting in the Colombian capital, they are the Museodel Oro and the MuseoBotero.

The first, the Gold Museum, is a tribute to the artistic treasures of pre-Columbian Colombian civilization. Uh… are you following? The civilization before the arrival of Christopher Columbus on the continent, in a country named after Christopher Columbus. As for the pieces in the collection, they are superbly presented.

Museodel Oro, Bogota, ColombiaMuseo del Oro, Bogota, Colombia

Speaking of gold, the conquistadors nearly choked on discovering that the locals threw kilos and kilos of gold into a lake every year as an offering to the Earth. The famous Eldorado so much sought after was to be the bottom of this lake. So, they took it into their heads to empty the water by all means. Without success. Rest assured, the Spaniards did not let themselves be defeated and took the jewels directly from the natives, sending back to Europe dozens of boats full to the brim with the precious metal.

However, the museum does not only show gold pieces. We have a great time in front of pottery and other utilitarian objects, because the pre-Columbian peoples always took care to add a mouth and two eyes.

Museodel Oro, Bogota, Colombia

The second museum is that of Fernando Botero , the famous Colombian painter and sculptor. He bequeathed his collection to the establishment and demanded that entry remain free in order to facilitate access to art in Colombia. The museum brings together some paintings from its private collection of great masters: Picasso, Miró, Renoir, Caillebotte, Chagall.

Botero Museum, Bogota, Colombia

But the highlight of the show is undoubtedly his own paintings, absolutely brilliant. Botero has cultivated the art of distorting everything that passes under his brush, playing with proportions and inflating bodies like pumpkins.

Monserrate cable car or funicular

In order to better appreciate the vastness of the city, nothing beats an ascent of Cerro de Monserrate, the hill overlooking the Candelaria district. You can go up either by funicular or cable car. Both make the exact same trip at the same price: 20,000 pesos / 4.50 € round trip with a reduction to 12,000 / 2.69 € pesos on Sundays.

Funicular in Bogota, Colombia

The panorama over Bogota blows us away. The city is so sprawling that the expression “stretching as far as the eye can see” seems invented to her. All this will be available under the traditional Colombian low cloud sky. We wouldn’t be surprised to learn that there is at least one part of the city that is raining all the time.

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