How can you make your gap year more meaningful? After all, the gap year is all about learning experiences that will be invaluable for life. Start your gap year with a simple cleanse. Empty your mind of any negativity and wrong notions. Prepare your heart for the adventure that lies ahead and reaffirm to yourself that it will be extraordinary and transformative.

Shed your inhibitions. Shed also objects that are invaluable but not necessarily important during your journey. In order to not worry about them, choose storage units Victoria and rent it. Store your belongings there in a safe environment and now set off to do great things. Here are some things that you can do.

  1. Learn Music- if you’ve always had an ear for music, then a gap year spent learning instruments and music from another culture and country will be enriching for sure. You could make it a combination of learning and teaching. Learn a new form of music, teach what you know to children and others. Depending on where you’re coming from, a gap year in music can be highly educative. If your exposure to music is what the music industry feeds you, then this musical year will be an eye-opener for sure. If nothing else, your musical talent should show improvement by the end of it all. Do watch out though; like with all art forms, be clear on where your passion lies, or the gap year can make you feel claustrophobic.
  2. Looking after kids- Working with children is almost always fun- kids have a sense of curiosity and teach adults so much in their own way. Being a nanny or an au-pair can be a win-win for a gap year traveller. If you’re between 18 and 30, you will be well- suited for this particular job. You get to work with a local family, which means more exposure to the culture, you may even make some money as well and you can help around in other ways too, whether it is organising birthday parties for the children or teaching them your own first language. No worries to find a place to stay, to eat and to commute. Be clear to make time for yourself during the entire exercise- sometimes being an au-pair turns into a full-time job. You’re not going to experience as much as you need to about a new country if you’re forever cooped up in the house.
  3. Summer camp volunteer-whether it’s an athletics camp or one devoted to music or adventure, a camp job is a great way to make friends and chalk up some worthwhile experience. You’ll have the chance to exercise your creative genes and actually affect change among youngsters. You can be paid for your work too, and can don any number of roles, including teacher or counsellor. This is not a job for the slacker though and there’s a sense of orderliness and serious work in a camp. Make sure that you can handle the work with the same commitment.
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