History, Morocco’s warmth, and our unending appreciation for the desert.

What constitutes a good tour?

One of the questions that we had been asking ourselves since we first set up shop – twenty years ago.

We could not get one definitive answer, then, 19 years ago, it struck us. It doesn’t require one answer. There are many components that make a good tour.

Countless days of researching got us to our tour selection today. We’ve selected the best out of every category, city, and preference.

However, our guests tend to agree on a lot of things, among them, our Marrakech to Fes Desert Tours. Every single person who was on that tour headed home feeling joyous, relaxed, and came to appreciate the desert as much as we do – we couldn’t get any happier.

Since everyone seemed to have enjoyed our Marrakech to Fes Desert Tours, we decided about giving some insight to those who haven’t been.

The story behind Marrakech to Fes Desert Trips

How this marrakech desert trips came to be is thanks to three of our tour designers. Two originating from Marrakech, and the other from Fes.

Both Omar and Laila were brainstorming ideas.

Omar, being from Marrakech, suggested the key spots in Marrakech. He fused what expertise he had accumulated from his years of studying and tour designing experience with his fondness of his city.

Laila from Fes did the same thing, using the same method Omar was using. They both came up with amazing itineraries to two different Desert Tours in Morocco.

They both realised the same, different, thing. They each suggested tours centred within their cities, with small outings to each city’s surroundings.

The third party, Amine, the founder of this company, shouted Eureka!

He linked the tours.

Simple, effective, and ‘desertly’ fun.

Discover the sahara by the inverse Fes to Marrakech?

The best of both cities – and what’s in between.

During your Fes to Marrakech desert tours, you’ll have the chance to visit both of Fes and  Marrakech top key spots, as well as every glamourous thing in between.

Another thing that sets this tour apart, is its perfectly designed itinerary. Since this was an “Aha!” moment, something flawless had to be created.

Most of your mornings will start with a hearty drive in Morocco. Some journeys will take more than 6 hours of driving, and Omar’s brilliant idea turned that flaw into a virtue.

For instance, on your first day, you will travel from Fes heading towards Dades Gorge. That will take you seven hours. But, thanks to Omar, you’ll be having frequent pit stops along the way – visiting numerous attractions.

“… and so, they will be having a journey within a journey.” – Omar, in 1999.

Mountains, heritage, and Hollywood.

The first things that’ll take your breath away are the roads and passes. You’ll be able to gaze into the Atlas Mountains as they sit highly, reaching the sky.

Many small Berber villages are located along the road. Some, even in the High Atlas Mountains. These villagers still go on with their day-to-day life without a shred of boredom. That’s something to admire!

“Okay… and Hollywood?”

Game of Thrones, Lawrence of Arabia, and Gladiator all used Ait Ben Haddou as a backdrop. A UNESCO Heritage Site that’s favoured by locals, tourists, and Hollywood directors and actors.

Directors like Ait Ben Haddou for a reason and you’re going to experience that reason over lunch. Laila’s idea.

Ait Ben Haddou has originated 12,000 years ago and had a vital role when it came to travelling, trading, and the renowned ‘Salt Road’.

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