How Can You Make Your Kid Feel Special When They are in Summer Camp?

There are many things you can do to make your kid feel special when they are in summer camp, and one of them is mailing them. Campers excitedly wait for among their preferred times of day: mail call. When you send mail to your youngsters at boys camp, you assist them to feel attached to family and assure them of your support in their home away time.

  • Send out lots of letters

Campers enjoy receiving mail, so bear in mind: There’s no such thing as a lot of camp letters! If you went camping as a youngster and have kept your camp letters, share them with your camper kid before the summer to assist him in getting thrilled about creating and getting mail at camp.

  • The early riser wins!

You can send letters even before the start of the camp. The mail can be slow-moving, as well as in this manner you recognize your kid will get a letter within the very first couple days of camp.

  • DO discuss

Ask lots of inquiries about camp life. What tasks have your camper tried? Which are their favorites? What is the preferred camp meal up until now? Inquire about bunkmates, close temple friends, brother or sisters, and new pals. This will invites them to write you back with solutions! It’s additionally terrific to advise your campers that you can’t wait to listen to every little thing about camp, that you take pride in them, and that you wish they are discovering new abilities.

  • DON’T write about

Take care regarding stating what your camper is missing out on in the house, as well as attempt not to say “I miss you” way too much. Send your love, not your stress and anxiety! If you have major trouble to share, constantly call the camp supervisor as opposed to including it in a letter.

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