How to buy a surfboard from the surf shop?

In case you are thinking or planning to buy a surfboard, first of all you would need to figure out what kind of surfboard you really need. This can be easily achieved by going through our surfboard guides which are comprehensive for the beginner surfers. In case you are not a novice to the domain of surfing, you can most likely skip any of these guides. If you know what kind of board you would want to buy, and from where you can get these, read on. One of the major considerations you need to make is whether you would be needed a new surf board, or you would be good with a second-hand surf board.

Buying a new surfboard

If you are sure that you need a new surf board, you can get it from the surf shop. Try out the local surf shop, or you can also get it by mail order, or also over the online shopping. The best place to get a surfboard is the surf shop since you can actually have a good look at what exactly you are planning to buy.

  • Assess for any surface imperfections such as small dings which may have occurred during storage process. The Newer surfboards must be in totally mint condition therefore you better accept nothing less than that!
  • Chat with the staff at the surf shop about the various kinds of boards so that you can get extra information.
  • Always opt for a cash deal. There are a number of privately-owned surf shops out there which will give you discounts in case you buy their surfboards for cash.
  • Besides, try to get reduced rates on accessories related to surfing such as a leash, board bag or traction pad.

Getting your surf board through the mail order or may be through the internet is quite different. Of course, you would not be able to discuss with anyone about the surf board that you got from online surf shop and most importantly you wouldn’t even understand if this is the board that you should buy for yourself or not. Just like being in the shop you can give a board a once over, it won’t be possible in the case of purchasing your stuff online. A local surf shop would tell you just the kind of dimensions and types you should go for in the board that you want. Check for the dimensions of the board before you buy them. Also find out the hidden costs and the costs of shipping.

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