How to Set Up Camps when Camping in a Bear Territory

When you actually go on a backpacking trip through the bear country, you should make noises to warn the bears of your approach. It would be a good idea to wear bells or carry clanging pots and pans outside the pack. Clapping and singing could also be a highly effective mode to warn the bears.

For people backpacking in a big group should ensure that they do not hike alone. They should have a group of at least three people during the day. You should keep the bear spray handy and in a place where it could be drawn quickly. You should avoid hiking around dusk and dawn when the yellowstone bears are the most active.

How and where to set up camp in Yellowstone

As bears have poor night vision, chances are higher than you would find them sticking to trails during night. It implies that you should camp and cook at a safe distance from the trails. The perfect camp set up would be inclusive of consolidating all food preparation and eating into the kitchen area approximately 100 yards away from the sleeping area. You should consider setting up a gravel bar along the stream. The kitchen area should be inclusive of the site for any kind of odorous materials. It should not include food, toiletries, spices, garbage, used bear spray cans or for that matter anything that might actually smell good.

You should keep a can of bear pepper spray handy in your tent. In the event of you using the bathroom at night, you should stay close, bring the bear spray, and make noise. For added protection of your food at night, if you look forward to hanging it, you should ensure to carry bear canisters or make use of a bear fence.

What to do if bear encounter becomes inevitable?

In the event of you come across a bear, but it has not seen you, it would be in your best interest to back away slowly. However, if the bear has seen you, avoid running away. You should rest assured that bears are great athletes. They could run quicker than an Olympic sprinter. You should talk in a low yet firm tone and start waving your arms.

However, it would be pertinent to mention here that you should avoid eye contact with the bear at all cost. It has been deemed as a sign of aggression by the bears. It would be safer for you to turn sideways and walk away slowly.


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