Is a boat deck and dock the same thing?

Whether you’re interested in a custom boat decks or boat docks, it’s important to know the difference. While a deck and a dock are very similar structurally, there are some key differences.

What’s the Difference Between a Deck or a Dock?

A “deck” refers to a structure that is built on the land, while a “dock” is a structure that is built on water. Therefore, you’ll usually see people refer to a backyard deck, while there’s a dock on the water.

Both the structures themselves are very similar, though, and they share a lot in common. The surface of both a deck and a dock will be virtually identical.

A major difference to a deck and a dock will be how it is supported, as docks have more methods of support available. Some docks float while others are fixed, depending on the local water levels and the weather.

Decks, on the other hand, generally have the same type of foundation placed before they are built.

Do You Need a Deck or a Dock?

Sometimes, you can do with both. A deck is usually built out on the land as a gathering place where people can do things like BBQ. A dock can be attached to a deck, providing an area for a boat.

Adding a deck to a dock can provide a lot of different entertainment options, and a dock itself can also be built larger to facilitate different types of activities.

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