Is travel insurance just health insurance?

Meta Description: Know how travel insurance is much more than a health insurance. Understandvarious benefits provided by travel insurances

Travelling is on everyone’s bucket list these days. There are several reasons people are travelling these days. Whether work or vacation, it is essential that you have all your documents in place before starting your journey. Travel insurance is one such essential thing to figure out before confirming your plans. 

It is imperative to understand that there are several reasons why you should have travel insurance while travelling overseas. One of the significant reasons is to have health insurance in place but travel insurance is much more than health insurance. 

Here are some of the significant benefits of having travel insurance as your travel companion. 

Medical Expenses Coverage

As mentioned above, travel insurances cover your medical expenses while you are on your journey. This is an important feature to keep in mind since it is very natural to fall sick or meet with an accident. It might feel like nothing might happen to you, but it will be challenging to find assistance in a foreign land if you are in a vulnerable state. Having travel insurance will help you in such critical condition.

Baggage Coverage 

Travel insurances also provide baggage coverage. Insurances like travel insurance Germany helps you claim your guarantee in case of theft or loss of baggage under unfamiliar circumstances. This can be of great assistance in adverse situations faced by the travellers 

Dependents Coverage 

Several times it is possible that while you are travelling, you leave your family behind. In some situations, you are worried about some family member being left alone while you are going. Various insurance providers include dependent coverage as an add on to your insurance policy. Here the insurance holders can make sure that their dependents are taken care of during their travel. This can prove to be a handy feature of travel insurances for nuclear families

Extended Stay Coverage 

When you are on your trip, it might be possible that your journey is extended for no fault of yours. It might be some political condition at the time or some natural calamity that might act as a barrier while you are travelling. Several travel insurances provide you with an extended stay coverage where your stay and travel will be paid for if you are stuck in a foreign land in adverse conditions. 

Loss of Passport 

In case you lose your passport or any other relevant document which might delay your return to your home country, your travel insurance might assist you in such situations. Insurance providers help travellers to get duplicate reports as soon as possible so that they do not miss their return travel arrangements. 

These are some of the various benefits of having travel insurance other than medical coverage. Hence we can quite effectively say that travel insurances are more than being health insurances for the travellers planning their domestic and international trips. These can also be seen as some of the variety of benefits posed by travel insurances and why it is essential to buy one before you start your journey.


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