Looking for Best Amsterdam Day Tour? A Few Trip Ideas

Amsterdam is one of the beautiful cities in Europe and there are so much to do and see here. You may spend a day at Amsterdam and then go for few day trips to neighbouring places, in order to know about Netherlands.

In this article we shall talk about few of the best day-tours that you can plan while you are in Amsterdam.

  1. Zaanse Shans

When you are in Amsterdam, you can make a day-trip to Zaanse Schans, where you get the opportunity to see wooden clogs and windmills, which is very famous in Holland. This is a village which is almost like an open-air museum. Here you can get an idea about Dutch town during 18th to 19th century. Besides that, you can also go inside to see cheese making shop, wooden clog maker, a lumber mill and any restaurant serving Dutch-pancakes. You can reach this place by train within 15 minutes.

  1. Keukenhof Gardens

This is a large flower garden where you can find up to 7 million flowers. This remains open for only 2 months in the year, where you can find wonderful collection of flowers of almost any colour that you can imagine.

There are plenty of cafes throughout the gardens where you can go for coffee break. You can reach the garden in about 40-minutes from Amsterdam. The best time to visit this place is mid-April as most of flowers will blooming during the tulip season in the fields. Try to arrive during early morning to avoid heavy crowd.

  1. Rotterdam

Rotterdam is also called sister city of Amsterdam. Once you are here you must not miss visiting this place as it is just 35 minutes to travel by train from Amsterdam. In case, you have sufficient time then you may also decide to stay in this city.

While in Rotterdam, you may start your trip from city centre and walk down on the streets of Markthal, look at the cube-houses and also walk down on the street of Pannekoekstraat. You can also hire a bike or cycle to explore more places of the city side. Another way could be to join in any guided bike tour, which is also available.

  1. The Hague

Another place you can visit while you are in Amsterdam, is the Hague which is locally known as Den Haag and is just 50km away and located next to the beachside. You can just walk down in the city to see the parliament and the Binnenhof and look at its architecture. You can also visit the Peace Palace and admire this remarkable building just from the outside. You can also explore many other places nearby and also enjoy night in the beach to enjoy party.

  1. Alkmaar cheese market

You can reach to Alkmaar, just within 30 minutes by train. Alkmaar is a attractive small town and is very well known for traditional cheese market. If you are in Amsterdam in summer then you can visit the cheese market on Friday mornings.

  1. Gouda

Gouda is another famous cheese town however you can find many other things of your interest too. It is just 55-minutes train-ride from Amsterdam and you can explore the city about its rich history and its architecture.

  1. Utrecht

This city is a laid-back version of Amsterdam, where you may spend a day and you will certainly fall in love by looking at the picturesque streets and the surroundings. You can find plenty of students here as most universities of Netherland are here.

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