Nothing can beat the thrill of paragliding Bled

As ancient as the mankind, just as old a dream of flying is. Despite of being considered an extreme sport, anyone can do paragliding, especially tandem paragliding. Paragliding Bled has become very popular in recent years. And if you are ready to fly, paragliding Bled has a real treat in store for you. You do not need any previous experience for tandem paragliding, but you still get the thrill of flying and some amazing views along the way. Our expert guide will first tell you all about the flight, you will practice take-off and landing for a few times and then all you have to do is just to relax and enjoy.

Check out our tandem paragliding Bled flights with amazing views over the Lake Bled and Julian Alps here

Enjoy the thrill of pure flying experience

Paragliding is probably the purest way of flying, with no engine, no noise, it is just you and the wind. And amazing views. So just contact us and let us take you with us to experience the world from a new and totally exciting perspective. You can choose between several stunning paragliding Bled options, within a 10-15 min driving distance. And we guarantee you we will choose the most beautiful area to fly over, with the best winds on that day. Join us for a scenic tandem flight and expert guides that will keep you 100% safe and tell you a thing or two about paragliding and about the area you will have a chance to admire.

When can I go tandem paragliding with you

We offer our tandem paragliding Bled experiences several times a day, every day from April to October. As paragliding is an experience much depended on the weather, you have to understand that we cannot take you flying in heavy rain or strong wind. It is not safe at all. So if the weather is bad, we will have to wait for the skies to clear up to take you paragliding Bled.

Book your tandem paragliding experience and let’s fly together!

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