Skiing in Bromont: What You need to Know

For children who start skiing from the age of 4, you can use this ski model from TSL, the leading racket brand. This model is used from a size 30. And in theory up to 40, which is not advisable, if the child has a size 40, it is rather big and these rackets will be too small. As you visit the small town of Bromont in Canada, you will have the best choices for skiing and mountain biking. Here are some important discussions about the former one and you hope that you will enjoy for the same. As you go with randonnée d’hiver en famille  you can have the best choices now. In every level.

Skiing to snow-junior

When your children were 8 and 10 years old, a size of 34 and 38, you took a model adult ski for women. He used them a whole season and preferred them by far to their previous child skis. If your child is 8 years old, you advise you to choose an adult model as light as possible: these racquets will be used longer and, in my opinion, they will be more resistant than a junior ski model.

You had bought TSL 206 women’s skis, usable for sizes from 35 to 44 and a weight of 30 to 80 kg. They are of a maximum width of 24 cm and length of 55 cm.

Skis TSL 206

Weight: 1,760 g the pair

Climb Cue

Fasteners: tightening the ankle with an instep and cog strap.

Colors: gray and pink (it is rather a very red rose)

What shoes to ski?

No flip flops. It’s certain. Or buy giant flip flops that will act as a ski. Favor high-end hiking boots that hold the ankle well. Hiking shoes must also be waterproof and breathable so that the foot stays dry

Find tips in the following article to find good hiking shoes: hiking shoes for children .

Telescopic sticks: indispensable

We do not forget a pair of telescopic sticks: it is essential to ensure balance and avoid falls, especially downhill. Another advantage of the ski poles: they relieve the effort of the uphill walk. Remember to fix large washers at the end of the sticks so they do not sink into the snow. A tip to set the sticks: the arms should form a right angle when the sticks are in hand. If you are down, it will extend the stick that is on the slope side. Yes. It’s very technical, skiing.

What clothes do you wear for skiing?

Did you hear that children are born in cabbages? No, no. They are born in the onions. For a ski hike , your child must be wrapped in 3 peels. Each skin fulfills a particular function of ventilation, sealing and insulation:

For the first peel, provide breathable T-shirts that wick away perspiration. If you do not have one, do not panic. your children go skiing with classic T-shirts: they are still alive.

A second peel keeps your child warm: this is the insulation layer using a sweater. It may be a polar sweater. But you advise you another matter that you discovered, which you can not do without and which is much more effective, the polartec.

The last peel makes your child waterproof: it is the windproof jacket, essential for any hike with racket or on foot, in summer as in winter. Avoid ski jackets in which your child will quickly sweat in large drops. At the first break, he will cool down and catch a cold, a sore throat or the 2. Choose gore-tex jackets.

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