Some of the best things you can do when you make tours in Tuscany

When you visit Tuscany, be known you won’t be able to see everything that this city has to propose. You must select the finest things that you can do in this place and they are:

  • Taste truffles – Tuscany is famous with people as it proposes lots of chances to taste the expensive and perfumed fungus. When you visit Tuscany, take some time to visit San Miniato as here, you can taste the white variety.
  • VisitCortona – Cortona is the chief attraction because of its steep streets. This place is viewed as the second highly popular destination of Italy for the US tourists after Venice and it manages to allure countless tourists every day.
  • Explore Montidell’Uccellina – Montidell’Uccellina never fails to attract tourists because of its protected surroundings. Its marshes, coastal plains, upland interiors, and forest-covered hills are highly commendable. This regional park preserves these natural treasures pretty well and so, its attraction remains undiminished with passing years.
  • Take a journey to La Verna – People come to this place for paying homage while some to spend time in the guesthouses that adjoin the quarters of the monks, and so, sightseers hardly doubt the need for this place. 
  • Embracing open-air art – GiardinodeiTarocchi is a fanciful sculpture garden that displays the phenomenal works of Niki de Saint Phalle. This is pure fun that never fails to allure children as well as adults from different corners of the globe.

The faces of Tuscany

Tuscany possesses a couple of diverse faces. On the one hand, it has some art cities, like Siena, Pisa, Lucca, and Florence. On the other hand, it has small villages, towns, villas, vineyards, and castles. Both these faces of Tuscany welcome guests from various corners of the globe to enjoy these places to their heart’s content. For more information on Tuscany, visit

Savoring the drinks

Some people wonder what they can drink when they visit Tuscany. Tuscany is renowned for its wines and amongst them, the notable are wines of Montepulciano and Montalcino. They are of premium quality, particularly, Brunello which receives a lot of awards. However, when you aren’t in a position to pay lots of money for your wine but wish to taste something nicer, then you can have these wines. Of the traditional wines, only Brunello has the strength to supplement a huge Florentine steak, named bisteccaallafiorentina. Again, when you look forward to something fleshier, then you have to shift your attention towards the Super Tuscan wines.

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