The most romantic places to visit in Italy

Italy hosts some of the most romantic places in the whole world. Whether you hope to taste new delicious food, be surrounded by marvellous landscapes or experience the country’s history, you will find plenty of places to spend some lovely time with your partner.


Due to the presence of the famous balcony of Romeo and Juliet, Verona’s candidacy as the most romantic place in Italy is quite solid. Every year hundreds of couples visit the place to take pictures and leave love letters in the cracks of the building’s walls, hoping to seal their love forever. This would probably be enough to elect Verona as a love nest, but the city’s charm does not end there. In fact, there are plenty of small, characteristic streets and lovely trattorie that will simply be the cherry on your love cake.


A ride on the Gondola to explore the whole city, a visit to the Gallerie dell’Accademia, a day spent in the lively piazza San Marco. And of course, a walk through the canals. Is there anything else you need to be convinced to go to Venice with your soulmate? Probably not, but there is one simple trick that will make your trip to Venice superbly romantic: live the city at night, even really late. You will find the scenery simply magical and you will be able to enjoy the wonderful sounds and smells of the sea.


Advicing Florence would surely be a good choice, but it would be a pity to miss the rest of the region. Tuscany, especially in its countryside, is one of the most romantic places you will ever encounter. Go hiking on the hills, take a walk in one of the many forests and have a taste of Tuscany’s local wines. It is an experience that it will warm your heart and soul, especially when temperatures are cold. And if you want to enjoy Tuscany’s landscapes at a deeper, special level, you should rent one of the Luxury Holiday Villas in Italy and enjoy some truly amazing views.


If you and your partner’s interests are mainly cultural and artistic, there is no better option than Rome. The Vatican museumsshowcase one of the best collections in the whole world, the Colosseum is simply impressive, the Borghese Gallery is gorgeous and is also a great chance to have lunch in one of the most romantic environments you have ever seen.

But Rome’s charm does not end here and continues through Testaccio’s restaurants and Trastevere’s streets, perhaps the best area to experience at night. If you are looking for a place to restore or reinforce your love relationship, it is hard to find something better than Rome.


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