Things not to miss in Thredbo ski resort

It would be an understatement to say that you should visit Thredbo ski resort once in your lifetime. Known especially for skiing, it offers plenty of other activities in case the weather doesn’t turn out cooperative for skiing or snowboarding. In this post, we will list out five other activities that you can do apart from skiing and snowboarding at Thredbo ski resort. Stay tuned!

  1. Spa: – Witnessing the sunset and gazing at the stars is one of the best experiences you can get at the Thredbo ski resorts. There are also in-house masseurs that will relieve you of any aching muscles and pain from skiing and snowboarding. You will find plenty of reasons to visit the spas in Thredbo Ski Resort.
  2. Fireworks: – The pyrotechnics show their creative side by lightening the skies with fireworks. You can enjoy the fireworks by having a delectable dinner with a host of options.
  3. Kosciuszko National Park: – Not too far away from the Thredbo ski resort, it is where the Mount Kosciuszko is located. You are likely to find clear pristine water which melts from the snow. The place is absolutely perfect for activities like fly fishing and kayaking. Once you are in the Kosciuszko National Park, you can explore various places like the Wiradjuri Aboriginal Cultural Tour. The Yarrangobilly Caves is famous for the limestone structures that were created millions of years ago.
  1. Mountain Biking: – With more than 50 km of ride, you will easily be able to quench your biking skills. The mountain biking is usually open from mid-November to last week of April. The existing tracks have been restructured and new trails are constantly created in order to allow a truly adventurous biking ride. If you are not skilled enough, there are plenty of coaches available at affordable costs.

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  2. Summer Scenic Chairlift: – The 15-minute ride at a height of 560m offers breathtaking stunning views of the surrounding mountains. The chairlift is open for 365 days a year. The pricing is highly affordable if you buy a family pass for two adults and three children for a mere 62 USD.
  3. Thredbo Leisure Centre: – For kids and even for the adults, the Thredbo Leisure Centre offers a stunning variety of fun-filled activities. The likes of Trampoline sessions, pool, squash courts, gyms, waterslide are surely going to be engaging for people of all ages and size. Thredbo Leisure Centre is not too far away from Thredbo Village Square. It is also worthwhile to note that TDC is also a place where elite athletes train occasionally.

About Thredbo ski resort

Thredbo is probably Australia’s best ski alpine destination and ski resort. With tons of sporting opportunities to offer throughout the year, one can absolutely be compelled to visit this place at any time of the year. We highly recommend you to visit this place from November to May as, during this time, most of the sporting activities are allowed. You can get to know more detailed information about the Thredbo ski resort from

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