Tips to getting maximum fun from Dhow Cruise in Abu Dhabi

Are you looking to head towards your favourite travel destination, Abu Dhabi? When you visit Abu Dhabi, you cannot skip the luxury of Abu Dhabi buffet dinner on a dhow, a traditional wooden vessel. Dhow cruise in Abu Dhabi is very popular among the adventure lovers for it allows one to experience the joy of exploring breathtaking sights while on a cruise or onboard. The Dhow, a traditional vessel, was used by traders and merchants while on the gulf waters. Currently, the same Dhow vessel is used for touring around Abu Dhabi and is equipped with all the modern amenities the tourists may require. Ask your tour operator to include Dhow tour for enjoying a lovely evening and a lavish dinner onboard while watching the sunset. Dhow cruise is so popular among people that they also organize birthday parties, wedding parties, business meetings and special events to make them memorable.  

Dhow is so interesting and elegant to watch that you will be compelled to cruise on it. While you are on a tour to Abu Dhabi, cruising in a Dhow is an excellent way to complete your tour in a stylish manner. Don’t think dhows are necessarily old as there are new ones to offer you a fulfilling experience. Although the look and appeal is traditional the facilities are modern. If you are in a destination that offers the dhow cruise, you must try it out. When the dhow floats steadily on the waters, you enjoy lavish buffet and live musical performances. You will love the red carpet treatment the service providers offers. Travel along with your lady love to make it a romantic affair. There are some tips you need to follow to make your Dhow cruising even more exciting and enjoyable. The double decked dhow lets you explore the beauty of the surrounding.

Ways to planning your first-time dhow cruise

It is better to find a reliable and experienced travel agent to plan the entire trip. The tour operator will offer you pickup services right from the hotel and take you to the dhow. The charges are totally dependent on the distance between the hotel and the dhow. The following are the booking tips for dhow cruise in Abu Dhabi:

  • Book the dhow cruise online and confirm that beforehand. You are free to use electronic vouchers in the process
  • Contact the dhow operators and ask about the exact time they are arriving to pick you up. Don’t be late and be ready beforehand
  • Make your bookings earlier so that you have the finest dining table. Ask about the floorplan and book the finest spot you are sure to enjoy.

Timing is the key  

Timing is the key factor in dhow cruise in Abu Dhabi. If you are late by chance, you will miss the cruise. Have with you the cruise timing and the schedule. Reach out to the dhow location which may be perhaps on a marina or a river or may be a creek. It will be better if the tour operator picks you up from your location. Some companies offer this facility. If you don’t get this service, then make necessary arrangements to reach the Dhow in time. The timing of dhow cruising depends on you. Choose an afternoon cruising or an evening one depending on the purpose. If you want to explore the sights, choose the afternoon dhow cruise. But, if you want something romantic, go for the evening one.  So, choose a schedule that works best for you.

Consider the seating option

There are floor settings on the dhow to accommodate maximum number of people. But, the table arrangements are different. Consider the seating arrangement and if you want a private seating, you have to pay more. Some providers even charter or hire the dhows for your private parties and family events. Choose a cruise basing on your needs and after considering the options.

What refreshments are offered?

When you are on a dhow, there will be food and drinks available. Talk to the service provider about food and refreshment. To make the entire experience more rewarding and memorable, ask for a private barbeque dinner that you may enjoy with your family.

The best part about dhow cruise in Abu Dhabi is that you may take part in the fun activities like dance, music and orchestra. Before you head for the dhow cruise, make sure all the considerations have been made.

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