Top 5 Things to See and Places to Visit in Orlando

Looking for a place to go this summer, go to Orlando, Florida, and have the time of your life. Youcan bring all the family for fun and entertainment. There are plenty of places that you cannot cover if you do not have your transportation. If you are a tourist, it is best to go for car rental in Orlando. Public transportation will be lost time, and you will not like your travel. Here are top 5 things to see and places to visit in Orlando.

Discovery Cove Orlando

Discovery Cove is ideal for the whole family. If you love being outdoors, this is the place for you. As this is the number one spot in Orlando, except Magic Kingdom Park, you must contact and make reservations. Allows you to visit only one thousand people at a time. Bring your swimsuit so you can go to the water and swim across the bay and consider all kinds of fish that float along with you. You can love dolphins. Equipment in the water and see all the beauty that should show you the ocean.

The Magic Kingdom Park

You’ll want to see Walt Disney World Park if this is the first time in Orlando or for the fifth time in Orlando. You want to spend at least two days in the garden to see it all. You can go on horseback riding, see lots of attractions and ride a roller coaster. There is so much that you want to go back to make sure you have seen everything. The park always adds more things to see and do. You will never get bored. You will get Cinderella, Donald Duck, Mickey and Minnie Mouse while wandering around Cinderella Castle. Take a picture of them.

Florida Eco safaris at Forever Florida

If love safaris here is the place What about going through zip line on all this and see all the wildlife below you. You can see crocodiles, black bears and many birds. If you look close enough, you can find the snakes. You can use your horse to go through a safari, or you can also ride a bus. You can take Zeppelin at night and you will see that the night shines by all-stars, when you slide on a safari trip.

Sea World Orlando

Another destination you should not miss is Sea World Orlando. Home to a variety of animals and marine creatures. You do not want to miss seeing a whale. You can see the amazing show that Shamu grows. You will see a three-dimensional movie that takes you to the deep sea, where you can see all kinds of fish. You will see sharks and whales, and you will feel as if you are there, at sea, with them, swimming. If you like the roller coaster, you can find two here on SeaWorld.

Universal Studios Florida

You can customize the day to go to Universal Studios. You’ll see how the characters are going. Do not forget your camera! You’ll see partner movies that have not been released yet. You can go on horseback riding or enjoy, watch the show, and you can also watch sets of movies. You will definitely love the Universal Studios.

Holiday in Orlando will not be complete without visiting these most popular tourist destinations. Be sure to stop at most, if not all, of these features, so you can make the most of your family vacation. Orlando is the perfect place to relax so you can enjoy, enjoy time and relax, all at the same time. Just do not forget to miss these places during the holidays.

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