Top 5 ways to enjoy Airport Lounge Access

Airport lounges can make travel fun for almost anyone. From luxurious massage chairs to meals and drinks, there is so much to look forward to if you have access to these premium lounges. However, not everyone can gain access to these. There are a few ways only which can help you get inside them. Find out about these ways in this post.

Overcrowded gates, no place to sit, regular food courts – all these are sure to take the fun out of flying. But, did you know that, just a few metres away from your crowded gate, there’s an extravagant space full of amenities?

Yes, we are talking about the exclusive airport lounges – the zones that take the stress out of flying. Airport lounges offer a wide range of perks like – super-comfy seats, daybeds, clean bathroom, free drinks, hot meals, and even extravagant facilities like massages and shower rooms.

Sounds dreamy, right? But, then what’s the catch?  Access to these premium lounges is not for all. It’s just for a restricted few!

Well, no worries! Here, in this post, we give you the top 5 ways to gain entry to premier airport lounges not just in India, but across the world.

  1. Pay for Lounge Access

Yes, you can pay to enter most airport lounges. If you have a long layover and don’t want to spend on an airport hotel, then this one is perfect for you. However, remember that some airline lounges cater exclusively to business and first-class passengers flying with them, and you won’t be able to gain entry, even if you are ready to pay. Also, these lounges charge a hefty fee. Thus, this certainly has to be one of the most expensive ays to gain access to a lounge.

  1. Purchase a Business/First Class Ticket

While this is a sure-fire way of getting lounge access, it’s sure to dent a hole in your pocket, if you fly frequently or travel with your entire family. Purchasing business class tickets for the whole family could end up costing more than your entire vacation.

So, what do you do? Continue reading for other smart ways to gain entry to airport lounges.

  1. Join a Lounge Network

These are third-party programs that get you lounge access at select airport lounges across the world, irrespective of the type of ticket you’re holding or the airline you’re flying. You have to pay an annual fee to enjoy this privilege.

While this may seem like a good option, remember that you only get lounge access for a specific number of times a year depending on the package you have enrolled for and nothing else.

  1. Become a Member of a Frequent Flier Program

There’s a reason these programs are so popular. They not only offer you discounts on flight bookings and reward bookings but also offer a wide range of other perks. One of which is – lounge access. When you belong to a frequent flier program, you can access lounges of your preferred airline (and partner airlines) based on your status level.

Aim to move up from the basic level to a higher level, to improve the amenities and other perks available to you. However, most popular programs make it quite easy for you to gain access to the prominent lounges across the world.

  1. Sign up for an Airline Co-branded Credit Card

This is another smart way to get lounge access without paying extra. Look for airline co-branded credit/debit cards available at your bank. These cards not only help you earn airline miles for every rupee you spend but also provide you free airport lounge access. Thus, these cards offer more than one benefit to travellers. Save on your flight tickets and get access to premium lounges across the globe.

As you can see, lounge access at airports is possible. All you need is a smart plan of attack, and you can easily make your flying experience more pleasant and affordable. Needless to say, you must choose the way that gives you a wide range of benefits other than just the lounge access. Choose a way that suits you best, and gain entry into a luxury lounge. Happy lounging!

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