Touring Australia’s Most Beautiful National Parks

No trip to Australia is complete without a visit to a national park here. Being home to more than 450 national reserves, each place has its own unique characteristics, featuring an amazing array of flora and fauna, beautiful scenery, gorgeous beaches, sandstone rock formations, and more. Here are a few popular national parks in Australia you can consider visiting. Make sure to book bus charter to make travelling as a large group easy, safe, and convenient.

Port Campbell National Park

If you are looking for an awesome scenery that combines ocean views with spectacular rock formations, the Port Campbell National Park is perfect for you. You get to witness stunning rock formations such as the London Bridge, Loch and Gorge, and Twelve Apostles. Given its location on the shipwreck coast of the Victorian state, you can also learn about the shipwrecks that happened here in the past. You can also drive along the Great Ocean road, enjoying the views of peregrine falcons, orchids and a lot more.

Nambung National Park

Combining outstanding rock formations and the blue ocean, the Nambung National Park has formations dating back to 3.5 billion years ago. Thousands of pillars and pinnacles, of differing shapes and sizes, rise up from the yellow sand bordering the Indian Ocean. The diverse wildlife here comprises 176 species of animals, so you have a chance to witness humpback whales, dingoes and red kangaroos.

Daintree National Park

Known to be the oldest park in the world, the Daintree National Park is located far north of Queensland. It gets heavy rainfall throughout the year, and summer monsoon season is the worst time to visit this place. If you don’t mind the summer floods, you can explore the freshwater swimming holes that are at their cleanest and fullest, especially this time of the year.

Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park

Soak up the wilderness at Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park located on the Tasmanian Island. The park houses a wide array of environments, including Lake St Clair, Cradle Mountain, the Alpine mountains, and rainforests. If you are a hiking enthusiast, you may be interested in tackling the 6-day Overland Track that will take you through stunning mountain scenery. The backdrop of the park certainly makes it one of most beautiful attractions in Tasmania.

Great Sandy National Park

If you fancy watching dingoes in Australia, head straight to the largest sand island in the world, Fraser Island. These howling animals with dog-like features are a protected species on the island. Make sure you adhere to the safety rules, since dingoes can be dangerous. The park has a wide array of features ranging from mangrove and rainforests to beaches and swamps. You can either tour by bicycle or take the 5-day Coolpola Great Walk.

Kosciuszko National Park

The Kosciuszko is a natural beauty with scenic views and plenty to discover. If you are here for the pictures, you will surely love the scenery as they are a reflection of primeval glacial lakes. After all, this is Murray River county and Snowy Mountains. The park houses the highest peak in Australia, known as Mount Kosciuszko. For several centuries, it has been the home of the aboriginal people.

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