Unlocking the Thrill of Paris with Guided Tours

Paris is the unrivaled city for a perfect holiday. While you can discover a lot when exploring alone, using Paris walking tours with local guides will make the excursion more enjoyable and unforgettable. 

Street Art Tour in Paris 19

There is nothing as rewarding as taking a stroll through the rich picturesque streets of Paris. The street art walking tour will help you to learn the history and culture of Paris and the entire France. If you take the guided tours during the street-art festival Ourcq Living Colors, it will be a great moment to become part of the Paris history. It will be your moment to meet great artists such as Beerens, dAcRuZ, Doudou Style, FKDL, Kaldéa, and Louis Masai. 

Your walking tour guide will help you to discover the frescoes that were made during the former Ourcq Living Colors festivals. The events hosted top artists such as the legendary Breeze Yoko and Marko 93. If you fancy history, take lots of photos for your travel album, book or social media pages. 

Experience Chinese Belleville in the Heart of Paris

Have you ever seen Chinese festivals where people carry long dragons and pandas in the streets and missed being part of them? Your dream to enjoy such type of festivals and other aspects of Chinese culture can now become true with a Paris guided tour of Chinese Belleville.  

In the company of a raving fan of china and its culture, Donatien Schramm, you will be guided through shops, malls, art, music and other aspects of Chinese lifestyle in Belleville. Go ahead and sample the Chinese food, talk to immigrants, and be part of them. 

Eiffel Tower Movie Tour 

Your guided walking tour of Paris will not be complete until you experience Eiffel Tower in the theaters. You have probably seen legendary movies such as Mission Impossible that were shot in the tower. Now, you have the opportunity to learn about the history of cinema linked to Eiffel Tower. The guide will tell you about top French movies such as The LastMetro by Francois Truffaut and impressive areas that producers prefer to shoot their films. You can never get enough of the Eiffel tower. 

Paris walking tours with guides will take you to the most interesting facilities that will make your holiday enjoyable. Make sure to book your place here to enjoy the outlined facilities and others. 


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