Upcoming Performances in Aspen

What is music for you? Many say that it’s an important way to live life, but it’s hard to do generally. While at a concert, it’s purely in the moment. We aren’t thinking about other things like what’s for dinner tomorrow or that annoying person from work. We are right there, in the moment.

Live music and concerts aren’t just about the performance but much more than that. Moreover, the main reason for the extra joy is our attachment with the artists. What can be better than getting to hear it live and played by them? Talking about live performance and music, Aspen is known for their music concerts and performances that it used to have. The Aspen art scene is always bringing exciting performers to local venues. No matter the genre, the music language is universal. Here, you will get to know the stories that help cultivate Aspen’s legendary music scene.

There are many music venues whose names are worth mentioning. In addition, among them, there is the renowned Belly Up Aspen. It’s an intimate space known for hosting big-name artists in the intimate 450 capacity club. Let’s check out the upcoming concerts Aspen.

  •    Cycles:

Cycles fuse an eclectic blend of genres to produce an original sound that has become harder and harder to find. The band is only a few years old and has over 250 shows under their belt.

They are in the genre of rock, jazz, hip-hop, soul and funk. There will be no cover until 10 pm. And then there will be $5 fee after that time.

  •    Movie Night: A Star is Born :

It’s a musical drama featuring Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. Scheduled for 12th of May, the show starts from 7.30pm and is open for all ages. The story revolves around a seasoned musician Jackson Maine who discovers and falls in love with struggling artist Ally when she was just about giving up on her dream to make it big as a singer until Jackson takes her into the spotlight.

With time, Ally’s career starts taking place, but then the relationship side of theirs starts breaking down, as Jackson fights an ongoing battle with his own internal demons.

  •    Zepparella

Zepparella hails from San Francisco. They are famous for the powerful improvisational shows. The band consists of vocalist Anna Kristina, Guitarist Gretchen Menn, Bassist Holly West, and Drummer Clementine bringing their passion for music together. The show is open to all ages. Scheduled for 16 May with the show starting at 9.30pm.

  •    BoomBox

BoomBox has been playing the genres of psychedelic, electronic and funk. Its founder Zion Rock Godchaux is a multi-instrumentalist along with being the songwriter, producer. They are scheduled for 17th May with the show starting from 9.00pm. It’s for ages above 18.

The one aspect that attracts these artists is Aspen the most is the music. Aspen along with the glamor also invites expensive tastes and a unique business model for Goldberg to operate Belly Up. Yet, the clubs in Aspen played host to musicians such as Jimmy Buffett, Snoop Dogg, John Legend, Bassnectar, etc. So tighten up your belt and get prepared to get a taste of the upcoming concerts Aspen.

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