Where is the best place to snorkel with dolphins in Pamana City Beach Florida?

If you are looking for the bestdolphin adventure where you can have an amazing and magical time experiencing the opportunity of going snorkeling and having a close up with dolphinsthen Flippers Dolphin Tours and Pontoon Boat Rentals is the perfect spot for you.  Flippers have been providing boat rentals, snorkel dolphin tours, Jet Ski rentals and dolphin tours in Panama City Beach since 2006.

What makesFlippersDolphin Tours different versus other dolphin tours

In addition to providing the best in dolphin sightseeing activities, they also focus on making the boat cruise a very personalized dolphin experience.  Their tours focus on ensuring that they do not overcrowd each cruise boat with only having 6 passengers for each boat cruise to ensure that you will have the opportunity to swim with dolphins in their habitat.  Their boats are designed and equipped with climb swim ladders and their very experienced captains and tour guides are extremely knowledgeable about how the local dolphins will behave.  Also,they are very adaptable and focused on ensuring that theirtours are fully customizable to fit and accommodate all your group expectations.

Shell Island Dolphin Tours

Flippers specializes in providing memorable dolphin tour cruises in the surrounding Shell Island and St. Andrews state Park.  Visitors and local residents have for many years enjoyed the beauty of Shell Island.  You can find some of the most beautiful sea shells here and watch in awe some of the playful behavior of the Bottlenose dolphins in the emerald green water.  You can enjoy this natural attraction of Panama City Beach when you book your dolphin tourwith Flippers.

You will also notice that the dolphins here at Shell Island are the bottlenose dolphins just like the famous “Flipper”.  You can find this sea animal quite a bit in the shallow water because this is an area where they typically hunt for food.  Dolphins are typically playful and curious creatures and are quite friendly when interacting will humans.

Shell Island Jet Ski Dolphin Tour

There is nothing like experiencing the dolphins as you ride the waters on a jet ski.  Their experienced captains and veteran guides have planned a 2 hr. water adventure for you and your group in the Shell Island waters thus giving you plenty of fun filled time to encounter the dolphins and give you plenty of time to explore the surrounding waters of the Shell Island beach. If you prefer the unguided Jet Ski tour you can have the freedom to explore the waters of Panama City Beach as you like

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