Why You Should Visit San Francisco

You can almost hear the piano in Tony Bennett’s song about the city by the bay when you think of visiting San Francisco. Sitting high on a hill, the former Spanish pueblo has been around for centuries. Now known for the Golden Gate Bridge, Union Square, and Fisherman’s Wharf, this beautiful city has seen so much and successfully retained so much of its history that tourists and residents can now enjoy.

It was conquered by the United States of America in the year 1846 and by the time of the Gold Rush, the city became more cosmopolitan. Many parts of its history can still be seen in San Francisco today. Its iconic cable cars , for example, are still among the most photographed symbols of the city. Invented in 1873 by Andrew Smith Hallidie, San Francisco’s cable car system is reminiscent of early conveyance systems that were used in the mines. It has been part and parcel of San Francisco’s transit scene for decades despite experiencing the great earthquake of 1906 and going through two world wars.

Because of its colorful past, the city is quite unique. For its residents, San Francisco is not only home, it is also a symbol of influential creativity. It was the home of the 1950s Beat Movement, followed by the Hippie Movement in the ’60s. The city is also home to Silicon Valley and many of the innovations that it gave to the world. Proud residents note that San Fro, as it is lovingly called by many, is a beacon of hope for the tech industry. In many ways, San Francisco has provided a more modern approach to society and how it should be run.

For visitors, the San Francisco food scene, is as exciting as its sights and sounds. It is undeniable that the restaurants that line its streets inspired the food revolution in the area, making this city a good place for a mouthwatering adventure. We highly recommend this best brunch San Francisco restaurant!

Oysters are highly valued by fishermen and chefs in this part of California. It is also common for travel sites to recommend eating Dungeness crab, bay shrimp, and abalone to visitors. Seafood is not its only expertise though because restaurants also offer favorites from San Francisco’s past. Hangtown Fry, a dish from the Gold Rush, is one good example. According to history, the dish made from a combination of scrambled eggs, bacon, and oysters is a miner’s treat. It is also said that it was served to condemned men for their last meal as its ingredients were hard to find at the time.

Being a global city in its own right, San Francisco also offers a peek to the cultural diversity that it has nurtured for decades. Its Chinatown, a shining example of American migration, is worth a visit. It is known for its egg custards and other lovely dishes. Apart from the cuisine in this part of the city, visitors can go to shops that offer art and cultural products.

Other places to visit include the bridge, the Fisherman’s Wharf, Union Square, the Financial District, Golden Gate Park, and Land’s End.

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