World’s best festivals and carnivals

Everyone loves festivals, period. Festivals are events that are periodically celebrated by communities all over the world. These communities are usually of different castes and religion and with every religion and caste, there is a different way of celebrating their festivals. These festivals are often given public holidays and a day off, to enjoy it with their loved ones and carry the legacy of celebrating the event from a very long time. Different food culture is followed on these occasions especially during the festival. Most of the tribes and farmers would celebrate these festivals after a good batch of the harvest of crops. Festivals are celebrated in many different ways in the different parts of the world.

People while living their maximum span of lives in the same place often fail to experience the festivals of the other places. Travellers try seeking different places and visit during the festive seasons to these places so that they can see how these people actually celebrate their festivals and carnivals. Get familiar with some of the celebrated festivals across different cultures and countries, created for you by

Places to visit during festivals

  1. Bahamas

Junkanoo is the most important carnival in the city which is held in the early hours of the two days every year, on 26th December and New Year’s Day. Parades are held on the streets of Nassau.

  1. Guatemala

The Maya village is considered to be hosting a festival of flying colour, music, dance and alcohol along with the religion and the tradition of the villages.

  1. Brazil

Brazil is known to be the paradise of festivals and carnivals. Boi Bumba is one of those festivals which are held deep in the Amazonian jungle for three days every June.

  1. Bolivia

The world famous Oruro Carnival is known to be the most ferocious of all festivals in all of Latin America. Even if there is a lesser show of colours and music, it is said to be the best of all devil shows.

  1. India

There is no debate in accounting this country as the centre of all festivals having a vivid number of festivals celebrated in different corners of the country due to its diversity in castes and religions so it is hard to point out one festival but the festival of Thrissur Pooram would be hard to miss. Diwali is the prime festival of the people following Hinduism and Hinduism being the majority of the population, it is celebrated by the people in all places of the country.

  1. Thailand

It is a dream come to the true vision of every traveller to enjoy dancing under the full moon along the beach in Thailand.

  1. Philippines

The At-Atihan festival is known to be the most exhausting festivals of all. This festival goes on non-stop for three days and nights of dancing and celebrations.

  1. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka was not known for its tourism back then, but the factor of better management and cleanliness made it attract all the tourists. It is highly recommendable for people to visit Sri Lanka throughout the year.

Places to visit in Sri Lanka

  • Ella
  • Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage
  • Dambulla Cave Temple
  • Sigiriya Rock Fortress
  • Mirissa
  • Colombo
  • Arugam Bay
  • Unawatuna Beach
  • Sigiriya Museum
  • Kandalama

Sri Lanka is known to promote the religion of Buddhism. Many festivals and carnivals are celebrated with the Buddhism religion. The most famous festival is the Kandy’s Esala Perahera which is being held for over ten days of the Buddhist lunar month between July and August. This festival is celebrated with the prime motto of honouring the Buddha’s tooth. Parades are organized even in the night times during this festival that included drummers, dancers and elephant costumed people.

Festivals and carnivals are very mind cleansing events that help people reunite with each other and celebrate the occasions in a better way. These events are seldom ignored and skipped by the younger generation but they don’t understand the importance of socialization, so try enjoying each and every part of your life and try enjoying it together with everyone.

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